Principles of Lithium Inventory

189 words (1 min) 13 Feb 2023

These principles are not finalised and are subject to change (and discussion).

Lithium Inventory should be:

  • An online hub and community for knowledge about battery science, electrochemistry and related scientific topics

  • Current, relevant, written foremost by practitioners, for practitioners

  • Laid out in a clean and modern template, enabling effortless readability regardless of platform

  • Educational material of the highest quality, aiming to provide value to new entrants to the field and experienced researchers alike

  • Valuing teaching of concepts, critical thinking and transferable knowledge over lists of facts and figures

  • Free and accessible to all regardless of affiliation or geographical location

  • Self-correcting through continuous review/reader comments

  • Striving for neutrality in matters of politics and competition

Lithium Inventory should not be:

  • An online textbook

  • Wikipedia for batteries

To achieve this mission, Lithium Inventory has the following objectives:

  • Curation of high quality educational material within relevant scopes

  • Formulation of a coherent and consistent site-wide editorial policy and style guide

  • Recruitment of additional content creators, topic editors

  • Development of interactive resources, datasets

  • Develop basis for community involvement

  • Explore routes to monetisation and sustainable growth through e.g. donations, sponsorship to maintain freedom of access

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